ISOTOP INC. has been active in supplying Quality Control in both building construction and road paving since 1974. ISOTOP INC. is the leading company in this field in Israel and is serving our clientele with advanced, sophisticated monitoring technologies; using modern, state of the art equipment. We supply professional solutions and quality service which are both precise and reliable.

ISOTOP INC. was the first company in Israel to begin sophisticated monitoring of paving using modern technology which brought about a revolution in quality control in construction. It offered fast accessible service.

The knowledge and experience gained over 3 decades enables us to offer a wide range of monitoring services which are tailored to clients  according to their needs. We can offer our clients full solutions for their projects including:

• Logistical support based on service centers throughout Israel, local support which is professional,
  accessible, anywhere and at any time.
• Renowned experts in the fields of construction and paving, leading a team of hundreds of engineers and
  experienced, trained technicians.
• State of the art equipment and technology.
• A full range of tests which enables us to monitor projects from start to finish.
• Reduced costs thanks to our technological and professional skills.

ISOTOP Inc. is fully licensed by The Israeli Department of Commerce and Industry.  The Israeli National Authority for the Regulation of Laboratories has authorized ISOTOP Inc. to perform a wide range of tests according to Israeli Standards as well as International Standards. Additionally, ISOTOP Inc. can perform testing according to specific requirements of its' clients.

The extensive range of specialized tests that ISOTOP Inc. can offer to single home builders, contractors and planners includes:

√ Testing building foundations.  
√ Sonic, ultrasonic and gamma testing.  
√ Testing construction materials such as cement, concrete, aggregates and fill.  
√ Chemical and physical testing. 
√ Testing in construction related fields such as plumbing, gas, carpentry, and electrical systems.  
√ Testing sprinklers and smoke detectors.  
√ Inspection of residential bomb shelters according to Home Command requirements.  
√ Soil testing.  
√ Pavement testing.  
√ Static and dynamic load testing.
√ Environmental testing (i.e. radon).  
√ Measuring the tensile strength of steel.  
√ Testing bitumen and asphalt.  
√ Inspection of playground equipment.  
√ Testing fuels
√ Design testing for plan 38   New!

And many additional tests.

ISOTOP Inc. has played a significant role over the past 30 years providing quality control of major projects of national importance such as the Trans-Israel Highway (from the earliest stages of planning, through all the building stages, to current day building and planning), the new Yovel Port in Ashdod, electrical power plants, water reservoirs, the Ayalon Highway, the Jerusalem rail line,  malls and industrial areas, high rise buildings, airport landing strips, underground tunnels and other large projects built by major contractors.

At ISOTOP INC. the needs of the client always remain our top priority. We believe the client is entitled to get the highest standards of professional service, quickly and at a fair price.