Road & Soil Dept.


The Soil and Road Department of ISOTOP inc. is the largest soil lab in Israel. For over 30 years the soil lab in ISOTOP inc. has been serving the needs of the professional community of contractors, planners and consultants.

The staff of the Soil and Road Department includes 6 Ph.D. recipients and about 20 M.Sc. recipients. A staff of over 30 experienced professionals includes experts in the fields of geology, geo-technology, geophysics, geochemistry and civil engineering. The staff has a wide range of professional experience both in Israel and abroad. Its' overall strength and expertise is unique in Israel.

The range of activities and services provided by the Soil and Road Department include the following:
-  Quality Control during land development and road building.
-  Applied Geology and Hydro-geological surveys.
-  Geotechnical surveys as an integral part of the civil engineering planning of building foundations, roads,
   bridges and additional structures.
-  A broad range of load testing.
-  Geotechnical monitoring of displacement in structures (both short and long term, during and post
   construction) in order to discover any structural instability which could result in structural failure.
-  A range of tests to determine the strength and quality assurance of anchors, including: soil anchors,
   rock nails, rock screws, small anchors and mobile anchor points.
-  Testing of cladding materials (cladding) for support walls.
-  Environmental Protection services such as Geo-environmental surveys to find and monitor pollutants in the
   soil, water and air. 
-  Interdisciplinary surveys in waste disposal sites.
-  Conducting pump tests of biogas (as a possible energy source).
-  Radon concentration surveys in structures, soil and gas.

The applied methodologies used include:
-  Exploratory drilling (shallow and deep boreholes) including geological oversight and geotechnical testing.
-  Laboratory testing of soils and rocks for civil engineering purposes (geotechnical testing), including
   nomenclature and composition.
-  Standards compliance testing (to the relevant Israeli standards).
-  Field testing for quality control in land work and road construction.
-  Load testing of piles, including deep piles.
-  Testing of various covering materials (cladding) for supporting walls.

Our most recent articles published in reviewed International Journals:

1. Frid V., et al. 2009. Geophysical-geochemical investigation of fire-prone landfills. Environ. Earth. Sci. DOI 10.1007/s12665-009-0216-0.

2. Frid V., et al. 2008. Evaluation of landfill disposal boundary by means of electrical resistivity imaging. Environ. Geol. 53, 1503-1508.

3.  Doudkinski D., et al. 2007. Towards the digital indexation of USCS classification: case study in Israel. Engineer. Geol. 95, 48-55.

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