Concrete – Foundations and Framework


According to the laws for planning and construction a local
building permit is issued only after the contractor has proven that he
has contracted an authorized lab for testing of building materials and building products.

One of the fundamental demands of all local authorities is testing of the strength of concrete. The modern concrete testing facility at ISOTOP INC. can supply all your testing needs.
Offering a wide range of sophisticated concrete tests ISOTOP INC .can give total support for any building project – from the simplest to the most complicated.

The Detailed Testing Process:
1. According to law (#1239) and the committee for planning and building, the contractor must invite the lab to
   conduct testing.
2. Testing of fresh and hardened concrete are done both on-site and in the labs at ISOTOP INC.
3. After the samples are taken they are prepared for lab testing.
4. Every sample has a minimum of two tests done to determine its strength; the first 7 days from the date the
   concrete is poured and the second after 28 days. If required, testing at additional times can be done
   according to the request of the contractor.

All the tests are done using sophisticated modern equipment.

The Concrete Department at ISOTOP INC. has modern equipment to test is the concrete complies to Israeli laws and standards (Israeli standards 26, 148 and 446) as well as complying to specific requirements of different projects in Israel and worldwide.
The equipment of the Concrete Department includes tools to sample concrete at sites where concrete is being poured, molds, vibrating tables, presses to determine material strength, and mixers to prepare concrete.

On-site real time Monitoring

The Concrete Department at ISOTOP INC. supplies on-site monitoring during the pouring of piles, during drilling that uses bentonite and any other processes that require monitoring during the construction process. More detailed information can be gotten from engineers at our branches throughout Israel.

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