Safety and Finish dept.


Quality Control testing by ISOTOP INC. – an immediate indication of quality and safety.

The quality of construction finish is critical in determining the safety of a structure, the safety of the tenants and visitors as well as passers by. Eliminating disintegrating plaster, loose cladding stones, shelters not in compliance with code, unsafe playground equipment and dangerous railings is necessary to avoid damage to buildings and both injury and loss of life.

Moreover, most of the testing is required in order to continue to progressive stages of building and eventually to get the required "Form 4" before being allowed to occupy a building.
All these tests can be done by the expert staff of the safety department using state of the art, modern equipment and technology.

The importance of testing buildings under construction and existing buildings.

Buildings under Construction
Immediate indication as to the quality of construction, finish quality and compliance with code and planning.

Existing Buildings
Update as to the condition of the building and needed data in making the decision if repairs need to be made.

The goal of ISOTOP INC. in testing finish is to give inspectors, contractors, consultants and private home builders immediate feedback as to the quality of construction allowing a quick decision making process.
Testing is done on the following elements:

• Outside cladding: Plaster, stone, hard cladding and various flooring,
• Balconies
• Shelters
• Railings
• Fire doors
• Playground apparatus
• Anchors in rock and soil
• Paint and galvanization thickness on metal.

The department has performed hundreds and thousands of tests throughout Israel in many varied projects. Amongst our clientele are Ben-Gurion Airport, electric power stations, INTEL, TEVA and many public and private builders.


Problems with cladding on external walls
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Defects in playground apparatus
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