Non Destructive tests


Quality Control of Structures, Buildings and Bridges Using  Advanced Nondestructive Testing.

The Department of Special Testing at ISOTOP INC. performs quality control testing of structures, buildings and bridges using advanced non destructive tests.

The tests are conducted using the most advanced computerized systems of their kind in the world. This enables us to perform thorough testing at every stage of construction from the foundations through to the completion of construction.

The department can supply testing services in cooperation with contractors, planners, consultants and quality control officers in order to confirm adherence to construction standards in the building of pile foundations, ceilings, beams and walls.

The Department is authorized to test Pal Kal structures.

ISOTOP INC. is authorized by the National Testing Authority to inspect PalKal construction according to the regulations of the Department of the Interior (General Secretary Notice 5/2007). The testing is conducted using advanced non-destructive tests such as Thermal Photography and Ground Penetrating Radar. Identification of steel structural support rods within concrete is done using a FERROMETER.

The most sophisticated computerized testing of its kind is at your disposal.

The Special Testing Department has equipment which is operated by experts in the field of non-destructive testing. This equipment includes:

- Sonic and ultrasonic testing equipment
- Thermal Photography
- Ground Penetrating Radar
- Advanced equipment for discovering steel rods
- Digital systems for the measurement of subsidence of structures