Calibration dept.


At ISOTOP INC. no compromises are made on precision and accuracy.

The Calibration Department at ISOTOP INC. is authorized by the National Board for the Authorization of Labs to perform internal and external calibration control, in compliance with the most rigorous standards in the world, for example:

- Analytical scales with class 1 accuracy 
  (with a resolution of 10 nano-grams).
- Weights - Classes E2, F1, and F2.
- Power cells up to 10 kN, 75 kN and 2000 kN.
- Pressure calibration up to 20 bar within an accuracy of 0.05%.
- Thermometry - PRT   resolution of 1/10000 of a degree. 
- Computerized length measurement with resolution up to 0.1 micron.
- A slab of granite for resolving flatness.
- Dial calibration
- A computerized vertical beam optical comparator and more….

Calibration of dials is preformed according to the range of use of the dials and the conditions of use of the instrument being calibrated.

Using instruments and equipment that are among the best in the world the Calibration Department can supply calibration services to our clientele as well as to the various departments within ISOTOP INC.  in the following fields:
 - Length
 - Mass
 - Temperature
 - Force
 - Pressure

The calibration of test equipment and measuring devices is conducted in strict accordance with Israeli and International standards. Every instrument and device that influences the accuracy of resulting measurements undergoes calibration: before being used, periodic recalibration, and recalibration after every time the instrument or device is repaired or altered. Every calibration uses nationally or internationally recognized standards. These standards are calibrated by other National or International authorized labs.

For additional information please contact us, we will be pleased to be of assistance.