The advanced Computer Department at ISOTOP INC. provides an efficient and supportive computer work environment.

The Computer Department at ISOTOP INC. which is staffed by experienced computer experts skilled in programming and  of advanced complex computer systems, was established to provide  ISOTOP INC. with an efficient and supportive computer work environment, to support all activities at ISOTOP INC. from the smallest of projects to the largest most complex projects.
The Computer Department is responsible for the daily operation and performance of the data base in order to provide an efficient workplace with rapid and exacting performance, while ensuring that the organization can meet deadlines while maintaining the quality of data, results and reports.

The activities of the Computer Department include the following:

Analysis, characterization and detailed planning of computer systems with management

Development, experimentation, validation, setup and system management of computer systems while maintaining the interests of   ISOTOP INC. and its subordinates.

Guaranteeing the integration of all the computer systems at ISOTOP INC. in order to continuously provide quick and efficient data processing.

Management of the computer network and data base, restricting access to data and programs according security profiles, maintaining back up facilities, maintaining the servers at   ISOTOP INC.                
The Computer Department is expert in developing systems in R.A.D. (RAPID APPLICATION DEVEOPMENT) using advanced systems and technology including: INTERNET, INTRANET, DELPHI and SQL.
Over the years the Computer Department has developed systems perfectly designed for ISOTOP INC. as well as for other organizations, such as:

A system for entering and managing new contracts.  

Financial applications which are capable of communication with off the shelf applications.

Systems for data entry and management, document production, production of reports and cross-section based on activities within ISOTOP INC.

Systems to manage financial instruments