Construction Materials & Products


Quality Control in Construction - the key to wise building!

The construction of any building whether it is a private home or a public or industrial facility utilizes a broad range building materials and technologies such as cement, concrete, concrete blocks, steel, floor tiles, plaster, cladding etc.

Testing compliance of the building materials to standards is critical to ensuring quality construction.

Quality control prevents future problems like cracks, expansion, crumbling, dimensional instability and strains, discoloration, peeling, loose tiles and dislocation of cladding.

Reliable quality control will save great expense if you do it prior to construction!

Although quality control prior to construction is not required experience proves that it prevents problems during construction, saves expensive remedial work, avoids rebuilding, construction delays, and eliminates the grief associated with these problems.

Special projects require specialized concrete.

You can request specially designed concrete for unique building solutions, for instance:  Concrete that dries underwater, concrete mixed with synthetic fibers, or special concrete used in the preservation of archaeological sites.

At ISOTOP INC. the testing of construction materials and products is performed using state of the art equipment by reliable, trained professionals. The equipment is new, sophisticated, computerized and calibrated by the calibration lab at ISOTOP so that all our testing complies with the required standards.

Our labs can perform all the required tests from before construction begins to after construction is over. Our quality controls can determine compliance to Israeli standards, international standards, and to the specific requirements of the client.

As always, ISOTOP INC. has a expert team of consultants which guarantees efficient service at a price that cannot be beat.