Building systems


The Department of Building Systems in ISOTOP inc. is authorized by the National Board for the Authorization of Laboratories, licensed by the Department of Industry and Commerce, and recognized by both the Commissioner of the Fire and Rescue Department and the Chief Fire Inspector.

The Inspection of building systems during construction can save you considerable time and frustration.

Plumbing, gas, fire detection and other systems are all an integral part
of the network of systems built during construction.  Testing of these systems during installation is necessary to ensure the system is ready prior to populating the building.
Real time testing can prevent frustration and the heavy expenses involved in making corrections after construction is complete.

Our lab checks the installation of building systems in real time, during construction, in order to ensure that the systems are appropriate and comply with code.

The majority of the system inspections are required in order to get "form 4" prior to populating the building or getting documentation that the finish is complete. Therefore, we suggest that you contact us at the beginning of construction, in order that we can advise you what should be done in order that the inspection process does not delay construction, and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

The process of inspection is simple and does not burden the client, the responsibility for the service rests on us.

During a visit of the inspector from ISOTOP inc. to the construction site all of the initial results of the test as well as a description of how the test was conducted will be presented to the client. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a certificate listing all of the parts of the system that were inspected.

In order to receive information on scheduling inspections please contact us at any time. We will be glad to offer you professional consulting and service at the appropriate time, in the appropriate order, and at an attractive price.