Non destructive testing package for plan TAMA 38


TAMA 38 is a Master National Plan for strengthening buildings against earthquakes. Incentives are sometimes granted to building owners undergoing the plan in the form of building rights. Those rights may include addingextra housing unitsexpansion of the housing unit in residential buildings or adding housing units in non-residential buildings.

Isotop's department of Non Destructive Tests conducts special tests for TAMA 38 planning projects in the area of quality control   of building construction in nondestructive methods.

We provide TAMA 38 planners all the updated field data required for preparing the plan. Using advanced, cutting-edge devices, our skilled, professional staff conducts the following tests for you:

·         Thermo-graphic tests:  ceilings photographing, ceiling thicknessribs direction, marking beams.

·         Steel detection in concrete tests: scanning and mapping ceilings, ceiling detection, scanning and mapping of pillars, number of poles and diameters, distance between hoops, thickness of concrete.

At the end of the tests, we would provide youthe planner and architecta comprehensive summary report including some photographs of the area.