Milestones in the growth and development of ISOTOP INC.

1974: ISOTOP INC. was founded as a lab for soil and paving testing.

1990: ISOTOP INC. became an authorized lab in accordance with the "Standards Law" and began testing to verify compliance with standards throughout the construction and paving industries.

1997: Following the adoption of the law for a National Standards Authority, ISOTOP INC. passed certification for compliance with International Standards (ISO) for laboratories.

2009: ISOTOP INC. became the largest certified and authorized lab in Israel covering a broad range of areas including: asphalt, cement, concrete, raw material for the production of concrete, concrete products, reinforcing steel, and other building materials and products. Additionally, are authorized to examine building systems, wood construction in structures, gas systems in residential housing, soil and paving, bentonite, sprinkler and rescue systems, playground equipment, "pal-kal" ceilings, fire doors, and more.

Quality Control at ISOTOP INC. is a Core Business Tenant.

The Quality Control Department of ISOTOP INC. Is professional and independent from other departments at ISOTOP INC. The Quality Control Departments primary responsibility is to train, check and verify, as well as assisting other departments, to guarantee that all work done at ISOTOP INC. complies with international standards.

Proficiency Testing (P.T.) plays a major role in confirming compliance. World leaders in compliance testing, from all over the globe, implement P.T. at ISOTOP INC. including:
  • AASHTO: The leading standards institute in the United States.
  • NIST: The American Bureau of Standards
  • AFINOR: The French Bureau of Standards
The diligence of the Quality Control Department at ISOTOP INC. plays a vital role is ensuring that ISOTOP INC. achieves its goal of consistently maintaining standards of excellence.

The Quality Control Department is unrelenting in ensuring efficiency, reliability and the highest standards of professional service at ISOTOP INC.

The Quality Control Department confirms that updated procedures are maintained at all times and that all professional personnel are trained and updated continually to assure that all work at ISOTOP INC. consistently conforms to modern standards.

The Quality Control Department maintains direct contact with clients to ensure that the needs of the client always remain our top priority. All this while maintaining a fair price policy and competitive quick service. This is achieved not only by consistently updating personnel but also by continuously adopting new and innovative work methods.

The Quality Control Department adheres to compliance with international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and 17020.